A SLAVE MAY HAVE BEEN THE LAST PERSON TO WASH YOUR CAR. A SLAVE MAY HAVE BEEN THE LAST PERSON TO PAINT YOUR NAILS. A SLAVE MAY HAVE BEEN THE LAST PERSON YOU TIPPED IN A RESTAURANT. SLAVERY IS EVERYWHERE. Average age 12 years old average rescue 1-2% There are more slaves in the world today than at any other point in human history please share share share share!!

Living The Impossible

i believe it so much i wear the bracelet to go with it lol i loved Flyleaf, now i really love Lacey Sturm seperate from them it’s much more personal and passionate i think God meant for it to work out the way it did if you want one that reminds you of like jhdkids i recommend run to you

anyways this is the song i believe in so much

My Cousin

My new cousin isn’t he cute?! and he’s named after me!! His name’s Jace. I think once i feel good enough i’ll go pick him up I have a feeling he’ll get his stroller sooner then me, it’ll be like a reversal!! Too bad my walker wouldn’t fit him lmao


Alive and then

i fell off a tall chair today, my back hurt but mom was there and said my legs should’ve hurt more because they hit the chair worse its weird they don’t God Bless That Helmet!! I keep thinking but they’re going to convention and they’re now going to, it’s hard, there’s only one way I feel at peace with it I’m truly way too sick for it and God and Jesus my savior and our true Father.. this life is full of that everyone’s alive, but when they decide you’ve reached death, it’s not being alive anymore and you don’t have to travel long distances try to endure what you can’t feel pain it’s going to feel so weird not having to worry about that anymore but when the time comes I can meet you there and meet everyone I wish I could’ve met I pray that Amen.


i see videos of myself climbing little mountain walking all over playing ball with karli going through florida parks

karli bravely fought and even unable to get up she watched videos of herself, she loved to be on camera, because she was famous, i don’t

it’s not supposed to hurt anymore, my journey may be mainly memories now, but why does it hurt still, isn’t it supposed to be a sort of peaceful bliss to it, i’ve done so much why do i still want to do all these things i can’t, i need to accept it.. but how?

i’m getting a new stroller instead of a new wheelchair which is great i never knew it was possible i like the strollers

i throw temper tantrums and i’m 24, i think, should i care no is it the end of the world no i feel i have a right to anger in this and am surprised i haven’t thrown more throughout this whole time, so i break down when i want something, my body makes me feel this attachment and i truly believe it’s real if it does that to me how can i react differently

I Am

Noone will have died either I’ll have my daddy and little sister and her baby puppy Sully back maybe even one day i could have a baby and go to college even


why can it hurt so

it feels sorta claustrophobic doesnt it im not saying im not blessed i am extremely blessed, right from the start its like can do this and this cant do this and then this starts and that and it gets worse while other things start muscle attack things that are like seizures except they jerk and twist for hours and you feel all of it and then the normal kind of seizures getting worse glad im unconcious but the after effects still suck, so weak so tired so frusterated so blessed love the lord sooo much i know when they decide then it’ll be my time but for now most the stuff that’d require extreme care is ordinary and it hurts so bad i dont want it to be normal and getting worse, put me in the hospital give me meds to help it at least give me the right doctors i’m already dying but c’mon isn’t there limits